Baby Bear

                 ARTICLE I


  A.  Players

    1.  Designated Player:
    2.  Replacement Player:
    3.  Rookie
    4.  First Round Pick
    5.  Second-Round Pick
    6.  Traded Player:
    7.  Veteran:
    8.  Years of Service:

  B.  Owners

  C.  Teams
    1.  Member:
      a.  Also Known As:  Team
    2.  Team:
    3.  Expansion Team:
    4.  Prior Team:
    5.  Team Affiliate:

  D.  League Officials
    1.  Commissioner:

  E.  NBA Draft:
    1.  The Draft:
      a.  Also Known As:  NBA Draft

   A.  Free Agent:
   B.  Veteran Free Agents:
     1.  Qualifying Veteran Free Agent:
     2.  Early Qualifying Veteran Free Agent:
     3.  Non-Qualifying Veteran Free Agent:
   C.  Unrestricted Free Agent:
   D.  Rookie Free Agent:
III. Player Salaries and Compensation
  A.  Player Salaries
    1.  Salary:
    2.  Regular Salary:
    3.  Average Player Salary:
      a.  Formula:
    4.  Estimated Average Player Salary:
    5.  Benefits:  
      1.  Also Known As:  Total Benefits
    6.  Maximum Annual Salary:
    7.  Minimum Annual Salary:
    8.  Minimum Annual Salary Scale:
    9.  Minimum Player Salary:
    10. Rookie Salary Scales:
    11. Rookie Scale Amounts:
  B.  Player Compensation:
    1.  Base Compensation:
    2.  Current Compensation:
    3.  Current Base Compensation:
    4.  Deferred Compensation:
    5.  Deferred Base Compensation:
    6.  Incentive Compensation:
    7.  Likely Bonus:
    8.  Unlikely Bonuses:
    9.  Performance Bonus:
  A.  Team Salary    
    1.  Team Salary:
    3.  Minimum Team Salary:
  B.  The Salary Cap
    1.  Salary Cap:
    2.  Salary Cap Year:
    3.  Total Salaries:
    4.  Total Salaries and Benefits:
    5.  Exception:
    6.  Room:
    7.  Basketball Related Income:  

  A.  Formation-Related Terms
    1.  Player Contract:
    2.  Uniform Player Contract:
    3.  Rookie Scale Contract:
    4.  Negotiation:
    5.  Moratorium Period:
    6.  Qualifying Offer:
    7.  Required Tender:
  B.  Modification-Related Terms:
    1.  Extensions:
    2.  Designated Player Rookie Scale Extension:
    3.  Option:
    4.  Option Year:
  C.  Termination and Opt-Outs-Related Terms:
    1.  Termination:
    2.  Early Termination Option:
    3.  Opt-Outs:
    4.  Effective Season:
  A.  Generally Recognized League Honors:
  B.  Inactive List:
  C.  Regular Season:
  D.  Season:


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